Understanding Tuition and Fees


Costs and Funding

As an Active Duty Service Member, TA will cover tuition costs. You will need to contact the Education Office at your station for more information about TA. You will be responsible for all course fees and book costs. You will be responsible for all course fees and material costs.  

You may also use the G.I. Bill to pay for tuition, fees, and material costs. To use your G.I. Bill you will need to contact the Veterans Admission.

You may also apply for additional financial aid through FAFSAThis may grant you access to the Pell Grant, Federal and State Aid which may cover large portions or the entirety of your tuition, fees and material costs. For more information, please contact our Financial Aid Department.  

NMSU-Alamogordo's current Tuition rates and fee costs can be found at Tuition Rates.


Military Waiver

Eligible students can complete a waiver to receive in district tuition costs. Eligible students are veterans attending NMSU-Alamogordo or military members, guard members, or dependents stationed at Holloman AFB, White Sands Missile Range, or Fort Bliss. You may fill out the Military Tuition Waiver form to receive the in-district tuition rate if you have not established residency. 

The form must be submitted in person at the Admissions Office located in the Student Services Building. Showing the military ID (or sponsor’s ID if a dependent) is required for the form to be processed. This will need to be repeated every semester until the student has established residency.  

Once a student has lived in New Mexico for 12 consecutive months, they may petition for in state tuition. The process to accomplish this can be found at NMSU’s petition for in state tuition page.   

For more information, contact NMSU-A at 575.439.3600 or advisingnmsua@nmsu.edu.