Follett Access

Starting Fall 2023, NMSU-Alamogordo will begin a new integrated program-Follett Access, which will make course materials available on the first day of class. Through this digital course material program, there is a fixed rate for the Follett Access program of $24.00 per credit hour. The students are charged for the course materials when they register for the course, the same way as tuition. Materials in this approach are able to be provided at significant cost savings to the student based on predictability in demand and consistency of content.    

Students will be able to access all needed electronic textbooks and learning materials without paying anything more out of pocket on the first day of class. Students wishing to opt out of this program for the semester and purchase materials on their own will be given the opportunity to do so before the start of the term. Digital materials are provided directly through links into Canvas where they can be accessed immediately on computers and mobile devices, and physical materials are available from the bookstore on the first day of class.   

Register for Classes

When you sign up for classes, you will be enrolled in the program and the bookstore will begin processing your order. Your NMSU student account will be billed $24 for each credit hour, in addition to your tuition fees.

Review your order

Around 30 days prior to the start of classes, an email will be sent to you outlining the necessary and suggested course materials, and it will also ask you to choose how you want to receive them (choices may include campus pick-up, off-campus shipping, or direct digital access through Canvas).

Receive your Textbooks

You will receive an email notification once your order is prepared for pick-up or shipped. Your digital materials will be available within your course(s) on the Canvas platform.


The Follett Access Program gives you convenient access to all of your course materials.     

  • As part of implementing this for all courses, students would have 100% of their course materials for a proposed $24 per credit which equates to $72 for a 3-credit course or $288 for full-time or 12 credits. This represents more than 33% cost savings from the current average.    
  • Students have an opportunity to be more successful in courses that use Follett Access because they are already prepared on the first day of class and can have increased interaction with course content.    
  • Follett Access allows the Bookstore to negotiate pricing with publishers to get students great discounts. 
  • Students have until the end of drop/add period to use the materials. During this time, they can choose to opt-out and not be billed for the materials (thus losing their access).    
  • Students will be able to plan ahead with more ease and less stress because you know the cost of your course materials for every term based on the number of credits you register for.    
  • Reduced wait times. No waiting for materials to come in the mail. Course materials are automatically available digitally on the first day of class.    


The quickest way for the student to get support would be to

Email: or