Testing Center

NMSU-A Testing Center personnel proctor computer-based tests, such as AccuPlacer, Canvas, and HiSet, and paper quizzes/tests in support of NMSU-A faculty. For off-campus students, graded student work can also be proctored through an agreement with ProctorU for a fee paid by the student. ProctorU fees vary by the length of the proctoring session. Students can consult their instructor or the ASC proctoring staff for a fee schedule. Proctored exams for external campuses are also offered for a fee of $25.

Please read the proctor, student, and faculty responsibilities as outlined below.

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Proctor Responsibilities

  • The Testing Center will ensure that all test/exam instructions provided will be followed as per requirements or instructions provided with the test/exam. Monitor test/exam takers during the allotted time limits.
  • After test/exam completion, all tests/exams, notes, and any scratch or notebook paper will be collected.
  • Testing proctors will file paper tests in the instructor’s file for instructor pick-up.
  • The Testing Center is not responsible for lost or stolen articles left in lockers. Personal items [i.e., backpacks, books, cell phones, jackets should be stored in lockers or cars. The TC staff will not accept, nor be responsible for personal items.
  • The Testing Center is unable to make corrections or answer questions regarding any tests or exams.
  • The student will be referred to the instructor or test/exam service provider for assistance.
  • Cheating is any unauthorized activity that impairs or alters the circumstances of the examination as a measure of the knowledge or skills it was designed to assess. Notification process: Testing personnel will not confront any tester who is cheating, but will complete the Testing Incident Report and submit it to the instructor, or tester’s institution for handling.
  • The Testing Center will provide a quiet place free from distractions for students to take tests and exams under supervision.
  • Cell phones, beeper/pagers, calculators, dictionaries, or notes are not allowed to be used during placement testing. Usage of calculators, dictionaries, or notes for other tests is at the discretion of the instructor and should be noted on the test direction form. If the instructor has not indicated that a dictionary, calculator, or notes may be used, the proctor will not allow such usage by the student.

Student Responsibilities

  • Photo ID is required to take exams in the Testing Center. Students are required to log in at the front desk.
  • Books and notes are not permitted at the testing station. Be prepared to leave them in the locker.
  • Plan to arrive at the Testing Center at least one hour prior to closing. Exams must be submitted when the Center closes.
  • Cell phones and/or any other electronic devices must be powered off and are not allowed at the testing station. All cell phones and/or electronic devices should be left in the locker provided – NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Sorry, no children allowed – no exceptions!
  • Students displaying any behavior unacceptable in the testing environment (i.e., cheating, disruptive behavior, using unapproved notes or inappropriate computer use) will forfeit testing rights, and the instructor will be informed of the circumstances. The instructor will decide the outcome.

Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty Submission of Exams. The omission of any of the procedures or information described below may delay test administration. Instructors should follow the procedure outlined below when submitting exams:

  1. Fill out the Test Administration Request Form. You can save the document to your files for later use, or you can access the document as needed. In either case, please be sure to save the document first, and then fill it out. This form provides exam guidelines for the students. One form may be used for multiples of the same test. Use this form for all exams, including CANVAS, WebAssign, MyMathlab, and other exams.
  2. Include the following information on the front page of each exam:
    • Instructor’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Exam number or name (e.g., Test 1, Midterm, Final)
    • Space for student’s name
    • open/close dates (optional)
    • Time limit
  3. Hand-carry paper tests and the Test Administration Request Form to the Testing Center at least 48 hours prior to administration. Please do not send paper tests via campus mail.
  4. For CANVAS exams, please forward a completed Test Administration Request Form as an email attachment to the Testing Center.

Testing Center Exam Return Procedure. An instructor may pick up exams any time the Testing Center is open for service. Instructors are asked to pick up unused tests and materials as soon as the testing deadline has passed. Please note: During the last two weeks of the semester, all exams must be picked up by the instructor. All materials not picked up by the first Wednesday after Finals Week will be discarded.

Test Denial Forms

A Test Denial Form is given to a student who comes to the Center but is unable to complete a test due to a policy or procedural problem (e.g., arrived too late, no ID, test not available, the deadline passed). A copy of this form is mailed to the instructor.

Incident Reports

The Testing Center adheres to the college’s Student Code of Conduct and Academic Misconduct Policies. If a student does not comply with these and with Testing Center Rules and Regulations, testing may be discontinued and an Incident Report detailing the situation will be submitted to the instructor.