NMSU-A is a Caring Community

New Mexico State University - Alamogordo is a reflection of the regions' vibrant communities - an exciting place to tackle challenges, find answers to important issues, and prepare for the future.  NMSU-A offers high-quality programs of education for all students (full-time and part-time) to include the first two years of a college education to students in their home environment, as well as career-technical courses.  Of importance to all concerned, NMSU-Alamogrod is a caring and safe community.

How Can We Help

This page lists NMSU-A resources needed to resolve problems that one may encounter.  The Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs proves an online form that can be used to submit concerns or request help.

Use the NMSU Concerns link located below.


Student Concerns and Grievances

You can fill out and submit an academic or non-academic concern that will be reviewed by the appropriate administrative or academic office.

NMSU Concerns

If you have an academic complaint, follow the link below.


Student Academics Grievances