Military Withdrawal

New Mexico State University - Alamogordo understands that our military students may be called to active duty, specialized training, or disaster relief efforts with little noticeU.S. active-duty military students wishing to withdraw from all their classes must present their orders and their request for full withdrawal, as indicated below. 

However, the below policy does not pertain to a student’s basic and/or annual trainingA student who has an order for training is encouraged to formally request, through the proper military chain of command, a postponement of their orders until the summer or the end of the semester they are currently enrolled in.  If a student’s request for postponement is denied, the student may then follow the below steps but must provide documentation that their postponement request was formally deniedStudents who have been called up for active duty must take the following steps in order to withdraw from all their classes:

  • Military and Veterans Programs (MVP): TA students ordered to Active Duty must provide a copy of orders to MVP in Corbett Center Student Union, Room 244, or by email at To assist in reporting accurate information about their military service, students should also provide, in writing, the last day of class attendance. 
  • NMSU University Student Records: All students presenting their orders to University Student Records, (575) 646-3411 or, will receive a military withdrawal from classes and full tuition and fees refund for that semester. 
  • Bookstore: Students who still have their receipts for textbooks purchased the semester in which they are called to active duty will be given a full refund for these textbook purchases when they present their orders. Please contact the bookstore for assistance at 575-646-4431 or