Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is the ability to understand how money works in the world, how you make money and how you manage it. You have to develop a financial plan or budget to achieve financial success. This video will explain more about budgeting.

Below are links to different online self-paced financial literacy and money management training.

Financial Avenue

This is a free online learning program that offers you advice for managing your time and money wisely while in school. You are required to complete these lessons as part of the appeal process. You will need headphones or speakers.

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Sign Up”
  3. Under “New Account”
    1. Enter Access Code:   kf3kfk
    2. Click “Register”

Practical Money Skills

Practical Money Skills offers free financial literacy for the entire family. There are apps, games, videos, calculators and presentations on all aspects of financial literacy.

360 degrees of Financial Literacy

360 degrees of Financial Literacy  was developed by the Association of Certified Professional Accountants and it focuses on your financial literacy life stages. If you are a teen, student, employed, in the military, a small business owner, a couple, a parent, a home owner, in crisis or retired there is a path for you and it is free.

Cash Course

Cash Course  is a free resource developed to help students get on the right path to a great financial future while making your money count today.