Degree Application Information

Apply for Degree

All undergraduate students must submit their degree application online through their myNMSU account. Students are advised to complete a final and verify with an academic adviser that all requirements are met, and/or in progress, before submitting the application. The application deadlines are firm. For application deadlines go to the Campus Calendar and choose the Academic Calendar for the academic year you will have completed degree requirements.

If applications are submitted by the deadline, the NMSU-A student will not be charged an application fee.

Students who fail to meet graduation requirements by the date indicated on the Application for Degree (Diploma) must reapply the next term in which degree requirements are met.

Any changes to applications must be submitted by email to early in the semester.

Completing the Online Application

Log in to myNMSU. Under the Student Tab, Launchpad-Records/Degree Application link, you will find the Application for Degree (Diploma) link. Follow the on-screen prompts to submit your application. Submitting a degree application is free on the NMSU-A campus until the deadline to apply.

Diplomas will be issued 4 – 6 weeks after the deadline for final grades at the end of each term. For example, Fall semester diplomas may not be received until the middle of February, due to the holiday; Spring semester diplomas may not be received until June; Summer semester diplomas may be not received until mid-September.

If you have not received your diploma, please follow up with the Office of University of Student Records, or, Include your full name and Aggie/Student ID number.

Attendance at the Commencement Ceremony.

The NMSU Alamogordo Commencement Ceremony is held once a year at the end of the Spring term (May). If you chose to attend the ceremony when you applied for your degree, you will receive an invitation to participate and information about the ceremony from the Office of the Vice President for Student Success.