Advising Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are here to help. If you have a question, and can’t find the answer here, please contact us immediately, so that we can be of assistance.

Email: Advising Department – Phone: 575.439.3600

To get into college, you must apply for admission with the Admissions and Records office located in the Student Services Building; or you may access an admissions form on the NMSU-A Admissions Web Page. You must provide this office with official transcripts from your high school or GED, and/or college transcripts from any college you have been admitted to.

Placement tests are a way for academic advisors to determine your skill level in math, reading, and writing. With this information, the academic advisors will assess your skills and know where to get you started in these subjects, as well as which classes you will be successful in while taking these classes.

English Placement Testing details can be found for the current year on the Arts & Sciences division page.  

Placement testing needs to be scheduled with the Academic Support Center/Testing Center.


Classes will not be overloaded on the NMSU-A campus unless it is absolutely necessary. If one or more of the classes for which you are trying to register is full, you must choose another section (day/time/instructor) for that class. If that class is not offered in other sections, then you must choose a class from your degree plan that is available. Visit with an academic advisor if you need help. Be sure to register for the classes you have already listed on your registration document or entered online. You can always add a class later. Registering for classes that are available at the time you register will reserve your seat.

Instructions for activating your myNMSU account are located within the Schedule of Classes booklet, OR you can ask for assistance at the Information Desk in Student Services, or click on the myNMSU link below the banner on any NMSU Alamogordo web page. Then First Time Users and follow directions.

If you have activated your myNMSU account but now have problems accessing it, you must call 575.646.1840 . You must provide your Student/Aggie ID number to whomever answers the phone.

The SuperStrong® assessment is a career/interest inventory tool designed by the Myers-Briggs Company that helps you align your interests with your educational and career goals which can lead to increased motivation, engagement, and success. Completion of this inventory takes approximately 10-15 minutes and is required for all incoming freshmen. Academic Advisors will use the results to help you choose the best program and courses for you to follow, so you can achieve your goals in a timely manner.

All students who are new to the NMSU-A campus, and all students classified as freshmen (including transfer students), will have a registration hold. This is to make sure that students new to the NMSU-A campus have met all requirements to begin the first semester – have selected a degree and appropriate classes, have met prerequisites, and are aware of the services available to them on the campus. To have the hold removed you must work with an academic advisor. All student are encouraged to meet with an advisor in person in the Advising and Career Services office in Student Services or contact an advisor via email at

To determine which classes to take for your degree, you can run a STAR Audit. STAR means STudent Audit Report. The link to run a STAR audit is located on current students menu available from any NMSU Alamogordo web page. You will need to know your Student/Aggie ID number. You can run audits on a variety of degrees. You can also visit with an Academic Advisor to talk about degree programs and classes.

Your Student/Aggie ID number can be found within your myNMSU account. The link can be found below the banner on any NMSU Alamogordo web page. Then look to the right side of the screen find and click on the arrow next to “Aggie ID”.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program is a limited entry program. The program is offered on the Alamogordo campus. Prior to applying, students must successfully complete program prerequisites. Contact or visit with an Academic Advisor in the Student Services office. The Academic Advisors will explain the prerequisite requirements and expectations a student must meet to be accepted into the BSN program. You and the Academic Advisors will work as a team to help you plan your schedules so that you know what to take and when.