Quality Matters Recognized Courses

Quality Matters recognized courses have been reviewed by an external review team (formal review) or an internal peer-mentor review team (informal).  All new courses go through an internal review and are then reviewed formally after it has been taught at least once.  Both reviews utilize the latest version of the QM Higher Education Rubric.  Formally recognized course reviews are valid for 5 years.

Current Cohort Full Review Certified Courses:

  • ARTH 2110G - History of Art 1 - Instructor: Sara Irving
  • ENGL 2210G - Professional and Technical Communication - Instructor: Tanya Allred
  • GEOG 1120G - World Regional Geography - Instructor: Brandi Rukovena

Current Cohort Internal Review Certified Courses:

  • MKTG 1210 - Advertising - Instructor: Sabrina Pack
  • OECS 209 - Computer Graphic Arts - Instructor: Karen May
  • ECON 1110G - Survey of Economics - Instructor: Debbie Webb
  • FDMA 1535 - Introduction to Illustrator - Instructor: John Adams
  • MATH 1134 - Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics I - Instructor: Rita Eisele

Full List of Certified Courses: