Professional Development

One of NMSU Alamogordo's goals for its Strategic Plan is Resource Stewardship. Among the strategies to achieve that goal is to "provide professional development for all faculty and staff." The professional sub-committee of the Teaching and Learning Committee offers monetary assistance to faculty and staff who seek additional funding for professional development opportunities.

Professional development is any active/event that increases an employee's knowledge or skill level to perform one's professional responsibilities. This includes attendance at conferences, courses, training, seminars, or workshops.

Provided below are the description and procedures of the sub-committee and the application form to request professional development monies.

Faculty Reps

  • Beth Grundhoffer, Email & Sonja De Vargas Email

Staff Reps

  • Maria Saenz (chair), Email & Dillon Hughes Email

Professional Development Forms

Professional Development Description and Procedures
Professional Development Application Form (over $100)
Professional Development Form ($100 or less)
Professional Development Supervisor Approval