Veterans Program Policies

Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs are two different sources of funding with two different regulations governing the programs. You must follow both regulations, if you choose to use both Financial Aid and VA benefits at the same time. 


For each semester that you wish to utilize your VA education benefits, you must submit your registration document to the Veterans Program Office located in the Student Services Building, or by emailing it to: Only courses that satisfy requirements outlined by the curriculum guide or graduation evaluation form can be certified for VA purposes.

If emailing the Veterans Programs Office you must email from your MyNMSU. The MyNMSU system is designed to protect your personal information. Emails from an outside account like Yahoo or Gmail will only have general question answered and no personal information will be released.

The VA determines full time training based on the number of weeks the semester has.

A student’s enrollment status can change if a student is enrolled in a combination of mini semester and a full term semester. Example:

  1. I am enrolled for CS110 and Engl 111 from August to December for 16 weeks
  2. I am also enrolled in Math 121 and Art 101 from August to October for 8 weeks
Weeks 1-8 
CS 110
ENGL 111
MATH 121
ART 101
Weeks 9-16
CS 110
ENGL 111
The VA views my enrollment like so:
Full time from week 1- week 8
part time from week 9 - week 16

A VA student can round out a schedule with non-required courses to bring his/her course load up to a full-time schedule in his/her last term only. This allows students to continue to receive benefits at the full-time rate in their last term of enrollment, even though fewer credits are required to complete the program. This procedure can be done only once per program. In rounding out a full-time schedule, VA students may use any credit hour unit subject, including a subject that has previously been successfully completed (received a passing grade).

Remedial and deficiency courses are courses designed to correct deficiencies in basic mathematics, English, and reading at the elementary or secondary level. These courses can be certified as part of an approved program, but only for students for whom a verifiable need has been established. Remedial and deficiency courses offered as independent study (online) cannot be approved and cannot be certified to VA.
Only In-State tuition and fees will be reported to the VA. Any tuition-based funding will be reduced from the tuition and fees reported to the VA. One example of a tuition-based funding program is the NM Lottery Scholarship. Example: Ms. Smith is going to school full-time and is using both the post 9/11 GI Bill and the NM Lottery Scholarship. Ms. Smith’s in-district tuition is $984, Her NM Lottery scholarship will pay $611. The Veterans Programs will report the difference in the student’s tuition, which is $373.
Tuition $984.00
NM Lottery $611.00
Reported ti VA $373.00
Balance $0.00

Student Veteran Priority Registration allows Student Veterans to register for classes on the first day of registration. To be eligible for early registration, students must be currently enrolled and have an Honorable Discharge. It is not necessary to be receiving education benefits to be eligible.

Veterans Priority Registration will go into effect after proof of service has been shown to the Veterans Programs Office. Acceptable proof of service is:


Veterans Affair’s ID

Certificate of Eligibility

NM Driver License indicating Veteran Status.

New Students are not eligible for Veterans Registration until proof of service has been provided.

For questions about eligibility and documentation required, please contact Veterans Programs. 575.437.3705