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Official NMSU-A Logo

In today’s global marketplace, our goal is to reach as many prospective students, employees, and members of our community. This is why it is more important than ever to project a single, readily identifiable image of excellence to the public. Our logo is the common thread throughout all university digital and print communications and establishes credibility immediately.
For these reasons, the official NMSU-A logo — described here as the institutional mark — should be used consistently in all NMSU-A communications, digital and print. Avoid altering the NMSU-A institutional mark in any way.
Click the button below to download the official NMSU-A Campus Logo.  Click here  to learn more about NMSU's Logo branding guidelines. 




Color uniformity is an important part of presenting branded materials. Crimson (Pantone Matching System color No. 208) and white are NMSU and NMSU-A's official colors and should be featured most prominently in print and digital media.   
The hex colors can be found on NMSU's branding website, by  Clicking Here 
For background on the printing process, check out this page on Color Reproduction for Printing



Typefaces, or fonts, have different personalities and can change the tone of the words they convey. NMSU and NMSU-A use a distinct selection of typefaces, to establish and strengthen our brand.
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