Math Placement Exam

When you come to New Mexico State University, you may be asked to take the Mathematics Placement Examination (MPE). Your initial placement level is based on your Math ACT (or SAT) score and your high school grade point average. The MPE will help to determine in which mathematics course you will be placed. If you are dissatisfied with your initial placement, you may choose to take the MPE and achieve a qualifying score. If you wish to enroll in Math 1511G (Calculus I), you must take the MPE and achieve a qualifying score.


The problems on this practice exam will help you review your mathematical skills and give you an idea of what is on the test. The actual test is multiple-choice and has 40 problems broken down as follows:

Part I (1-10) Algebra I
Part II (11–20) Algebra II
Part III (21-30) Precalculus Algebra
Part IV (31-40) Trigonometry



Placement Based on the Mathematics Placement Exam
Placement Exam Score Placement Level Math Course Placement
0, 1, 2, or 3 on Part I 0 CCDM 103N
4 or 5 on Part II 1 CCDM 114N
at least 6 on Part I 2 MATH 1215, 1130G
a total of at least 12 on Parts 1 and 2 3 MATH 1134, 1220G, 1350G, 2350G
a total of at least 19 on Parts 1, 2 and 3 4 MATH 1430G, 1250G
at least 6 on each of the 4 parts 5 MATH 1511G, 1435, 1535


Note: A calculator is neither required nor necessary. However, you will be allowed to use a non graphing scientific calculator like the TI-30.

The NMSU-A Testing Center will administer the exam by appointment.

Additional Help

Students with questions about their Greg Hillis, Division Head of Career and Technology.  Email Greg Hillis or call 575-439-3624.