Online Test Proctoring (off-site)

NMSU-A Testing Center
2400 N. Scenic Drive
Alamogordo, NM 88310
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Plan of Action

The New Mexico State University – Alamogordo Testing Center will act as the liaison between students, instructors, and external proctoring sites. The online NMSU-A student will be responsible for finding and contacting an external proctoring site. 


  1. Per the student’s request, that site will then initiate communication with the NMSU-A Testing Center. A Proctor Agreement Form will be constructed by the NMSU-A Testing Center and delivered via email to the external site.
  2. Once that form has been returned to the NMSU-A Testing Center, all examination information will be sent to the proctoring site. This includes a copy of the Test Administration Request Form submitted by faculty with the requirements for each examination assigned.
  3. Once the off-site proctoring facility has the necessary information for the exam, they will contact the student and arrange a date and time for the exam to take place that falls within the instructor’s outlined deadlines.
  4. Upon arrival, the off-site proctoring facility will make a photocopy of the student’s ID, which will be returned to the NMSU-A Testing Center to protect the integrity of the exam is administered. The NMSU-A Testing Center will track all students that have taken the exam, and attach copies of the student’s ID to the instructor’s folder in the testing cabinet.

Should a student be unable to locate an appropriate testing facility within a 50-mile radius of their location, the student should consult with their instructor for use of the ProctorU service. Your instructor will give you information about how to use ProctorU to get a test proctored for a specific class. For general information, technical help, and cost information you can visit this NMSU ProctorU website.

Administering Canvas Exams

NMSU-A instructors will inform online students to contact a proctoring site near them and have that testing site get in contact with the New Mexico State University-Alamogordo Testing Center for the information required so that students can take their exam. The instructors will give the Test Proctors all the information for the exam on a Test Administration Form and the Testing Center will distribute this information (via e-mail) to the Testing Centers that contact NMSU-A.


  1. The student must log into Canvas to take their test. Canvas is found on the NMSU-A website.
  2. There will be a password provided on the Test Administration Form that has been submitted by the instructor for all Canvas exams. Please note the instructions on the TAF. Some instructors may allow notes, calculators, or worksheets for exams.
  3. Once the student has logged into Canvas, they will go to the class for which they are taking the exam and find the test.
  4. The Test Proctor will then be prompted to log in with the password for the exam. Use the password on the Test Administration Form. Once the password is submitted, the test will begin.
  5. The hosting testing facility will be notified if students have been given accommodations for their exams.

Standards and Requirements

  • A photo ID is required every time the student arrives for testing. Students will not be allowed to test without proper identification. The proctoring site should check the student’s ID and make a copy of it to be returned to the NMSU-A Testing Center via email or mail on the date of the test.
  • All personal items must be placed in a locker or other place provided by the hosting testing facility. Cell phones are NOT allowed in the testing center.
  • The Proctor MAY provide a calculator, scratch paper, pencil/erasers, and any additional materials the instructor has stipulated specifically for the test on the Test Administration Form.
  • The student is not allowed to access any programs or websites while taking an exam in the testing facility. A Respondus lockdown browser may be used to remedy this.
  • Upon completion of the test, the student should log out of the program, i.e. Canvas and their NMSU account.
  • The student must leave any scratch paper with the Test Proctor. This scratch paper should be collected, scanned, and emailed back to the NMSU-A Testing Center. Scratch paper can also be mailed to the address below.

The NMSU-A Testing Center will contact the student’s instructor in the event that a student requests a webcam proctoring session. This will be done to ensure the integrity of the exam and to see how faculty would like to proceed with exam passwords. In some cases, because the Testing Center cannot take control of a computer at a distance, a special password or exam may need to be created for the requesting student.