Understanding Tuition and Fees

Per Federal policy, Tuition Assistance only covers the cost of tuition. NO FEES WILL BE COVERED.

However, NMSU-Alamogordo is currently in a pilot program to waive online fees for Active Duty personnel and their family members assigned to Holloman AFB. This pilot program ONLY applies to courses taken through NMSU-Alamogordo.

Tuition Rates

Tuition – Covered by TA Fees – NOT covered by TA Total
In-District $78.00 per credit $8.00 per credit $86.00 per credit
Out-of-district $93.00 per credit $8.00 per credit $101.00 per credit
Out-of-state $216.00 per credit $8.00 per credit $224.00 per credit

Tuition rate is charged per credit for 1 thru 12 and 18+ credits. (only if all classes are taken at the same campus)


  • Online Course Delivery Fee: $25
    *** This fee may be waived for courses taken through the Alamogordo campus
  • Late Registration Fee: $25


Tuition and Fees at the various NMSU campuses