Classes That Count Towards CCAF

NMSU Alamogordo is currently in a pilot program to waive online fees for Active Duty personnel and their family members assigned to Holloman AFB. This pilot program ONLY applies to courses taken through NMSU Alamogordo

Leadership / Management (6 Credit Hours)

Oral Communication & Speech (k3 Credit Hours)

Written Communication & English (3-4 Credit Hours)

Math - Intermediate Algebra or Higher (3 Credit Hours)

Social Sciences (3 Credit Hours)

Humanities (3 Credit Hours)

*Classes are dependent on semester availability. 

For more Informartion, contact the HAFB NMSU-A Coordinator at 575.439.3720 or

15 Credit hours of college electives: Visit with HAFB education office to determine which course best fit into your CCAF degree.