Military Withdrawal

The following steps must be taken by all New Mexico State University students called up for active duty who wish to withdraw from all their classes:

  1. Veterans Programs. VA students ordered to Active Duty must provide a copy of orders to the Veterans Programs Office to assist in reporting accurate information to the VA Regional Office, student should also provide, in writing, last day of class attendance.
  2. NMSU-A Office of Admissions and Records. All students presenting their orders to the Office of Admissions and Records, 575.439.3600 , will receive a military withdrawal from classes and a full tuition and fees refund for that semester.
  3. Bookstore. Students who still have their receipts for textbooks purchased the semester in which they are called to active duty will be given a full refund for these textbook purchases when they present their orders. 575.646.4701  or   575.646.4020  or you can email    or  

Note: NMSU-Las Cruces Military and Veterans Programs processes all Military Withdrawals and will use the documentation submitted to determine eligibility