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NMSU-A Strategic Plan

Goal 1 - Recruitment

Goal 2 - Retention

Goal 3 - Completion

Goal 4 - Placement



Student success across the NMSU system is driven by a commitment to learning, degree completion,
and career attainment enriched by our research and outreach enterprise. Our students are served by
our culture of inclusivity and educational delivery that meets student needs and includes online and
hands-on learning. Recognizing the diverse backgrounds of students across the system, NMSU
provides a supportive environment for students to become a part of, and contribute to, the campus
community, the state, the country, and the world.
NMSU recognizes that all disciplines advance research, scholarship, and creative activity, and along
with the assets of the state of New Mexico, create a strong foundation for teaching, learning,
education, training, innovation, and economic development.
NMSU outreach extends knowledge beyond the university, drives integration of activities, directly and
indirectly, and supports student learning, experiences, and success. Our outreach activities include
research, connections with communities and families, multigenerational engagement, economic
development and entrepreneurship, and collaborative efforts with industry, corporations, and
government entities.
NMSU seeks to improve the University System, across the board, for faculty, staff, students, alumni,
donors, stakeholders, and prospective students and their families. Cooperation throughout the NMSU
system will be exemplary for university systems across the nation through efficient, effective, and
empowering operations that align with our strategic goals.