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Women's History Month

Celebrating Women's History Month

NMSU-Alamogordo is celebrating the history of women on our campus.

female-rough-footed-mud-turtleProfessor Jen Smith's work in identifying and saving the turtle species, the "rough-footed mud turtle" of western Texas serves not only the turtle but our environment.

What it means to save a turtle 

Biologist Uncovers the Mysteries, and the Plight, of the Country's Rarest Turtle 




Mogollon-Baldy-Lookout-and-Cabin_PhotoProfessor Emerita Sara Irving's photography, recently in our Faculty Art Show, and her work as a fire lookout in the Gila Mountains is another example of an NMSU-Alamogordo faculty member serving our broader community and environment.


Sara-Irving_Teaching-and-Lookout-Bio View-from-Mogollon-Baldy-Lookout-Tower-After-Snowstorm